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99 intersection points. Examples, pictures, proofs. (99 Schnittpunkte. Beispiele, Bilder, Beweise.) 2nd revised and expanded ed. (German)
EAGLE 10. EAGLE-Einblicke. Leipzig: Edition am Gutenbergplatz Leipzig (EAGLE) (ISBN 978-3-937219-95-0/pbk). 188~p. (2012).
In this second edition of an unusual book (see [Zbl 1055.00003] for the first edition), presenting a collection of 99 drawings of uncommon configurations (many involving circles), in which three or more lines are concurrent, followed by the mathematical background for the figures, the author has expanded the text section, containing the actual mathematics, and has revised (and sometimes corrected) the drawings.
Reviewer: Victor V. Pambuccian (Phoenix)
Classification: G80 G60
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