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Applets in geometry. ({\it Applets} en geometría.) (Spanish. English summary)
Uno 17, No. 58, 49-64 (2011).
Summary: The highly abstract nature of mathematics has always hampered students’ learning. For a long time teachers have been looking for teaching resources to bring mathematical ideas closer to students’ experience: hands-on materials, reading, videos, calculators and computer programs. One of the main sources of information now is the internet and many applets found online help link new contents with what students already know: their everyday life, previous mathematical knowledge and knowledge from other areas, as well as cultural, social and artistic knowledge. Dynamic geometry helps improve a central activity of mathematics - problem solving - by offering new methods to set out principles, facilitates students’ exploration of situations, and often also provides methods for solving problems. We will also see dynamic geometry helps teachers get a better understanding of students’ reasoning and expands the catalogue of support available to students in solving geometry problems.
Classification: G10 D30 U70 R20 R50
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