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The online mathematics knowledge production: the solving of a problem with cyberspace. (Produção do conhecimento matemático {\it online}: a resolução de um problema com o ciberespaço.) (Portuguese. English summary)
Bol. GEPEM, No. 58, 89-113 (2011).
Summary: The article aims to argue about the mathematics that is produced with the Information and Communication Technology (ICT), specifically with cyberspace. In this case, the peculiarities of cyperspace allow questions about the production of mathematical knowledge that happens in this context, in this specific time/space. Soon, we will try to analyze this production from the perspective of a particular culture. Initially, we analyze the existence of a mathematics of the“net culture” or“\@ generation”, basing ourselves in the Ethnomathematics. Continuing, we will address the possibilities of construction of mathematical concepts in relation to immanence plans and conceptual characters (Deleuze, Guattari, 2005) from the relationship between mundane reality and virtual reality. We will do this by analyzing and discussing the process of solving a problem with cyberspace on the calculation of Income Tax of Individuals (PIT), proposed in an academic course called“Cybereducation of Mathematics Teachers”. We intend to identify“what is the mathematics that happens with cyberspace?”. We ask this because we start from the conception that there is a different cultural group formed by the online identities presentified in this on-offline time/space and analyze this concept in light of the theoretical framework that discusses the use of ICT in mathematics education. Thus, we advocate the multi possibilities of construction of mathematical concepts and hence cybermathematics (the mathematics that is developed with cyberspace). We identified to be feasible the research on the changes that ICT, in particular cyberspace, can lead to the production of mathematical knowledge.
Classification: D30 B50 R50
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