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Does it match or doesn’t it match? A case study with bilingual and not bilingual students in the United States. (Combina ou não combina? Um estudo de caso com alunos bilíngues e não bilíngues, nos EUA.) (Portuguese. English summary)
Bol. GEPEM, No. 55, 41-61 (2009).
Summary: This research was developed in two Public Schools, located in urban zones, in State of New Jersey, with Hispanic students, between the ages 8 and 11, in Third grade, whose parents emigrated from their countries for to live in USA. We observed two groups of children, one bilingual and the other in process to acquire the English language, while they are solving combinatorial problem task. We analyzed some mathematical representation of both groups trying to understand whether to think in different language from the teaching language difficult the representation’s construction and the Mathematical thinking. The results showed that bilingual children built more sophisticated representations than the children not bilingual. As well as the discourses revealed that the bilingual students has more skill to solve problems and conflicts arose during problems solving.
Classification: C52 D52 C32 K22
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