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Post-16 maths and university courses: numbers and subject interpretation. (English)
Joubert, M. (ed.), Proceedings of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics (BSRLM). Vol. 29, No. 3. Proceedings of the day conference held at the Loughborough University, UK, November 14, 2009. London: British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics (BSRLM). 73-78 (2009).
Summary: The low take-up of mathematics post-16 and consequences for the traditional STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) subjects in higher education are well known. The effect on the newer IT-based subjects, like computing and communications engineering, and the commerce-based subjects, like business and management, economics, and finance is less widely recognised but is at least an equal cause for concern. Most university courses in these subjects are populated with students with no maths beyond GCSE, despite the evident need for better mathematical foundations-perhaps a year of post-16 maths. The scale of this effect and the consequences for these subjects in many university courses are described along with potential implications for the AS-level curriculum.
Classification: B14 B15 A44 A45
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