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Practice of teaching mathematics 1750‒1930. Study of implementation and historical development of mathematical teaching at Ratsgymnasium Bielefeld. (Praxis des Mathematikunterrichts 1750-1930. Längsschnittstudie zur Implementation und geschichtlichen Entwicklung des Mathematikunterrichts am Ratsgymnasium Bielefeld.) (German)
Berlin: Logos Verlag; Duisburg-Essen: FB Mathematik, Univ. Duisburg-Essen (Diss.) (ISBN 978-3-8325-2509-5/pbk). xi, 395~p. (2010).
The book (in German) is the text of the author’s PhD dissertation and presents a detailed study of the development of mathematics education at the grammar/secondary school in Bielefeld, Germany, from the 18th century up to 1930. The extremely detailed discussion of various influences, the large amount of original archive materials that was accessible, studied and presented, as well as the fact that in the 19th century the school functioned as a bi-school (parallel classical grammar school and secondary modern school - “klassisches Gymnasium" and “Realgymnasium") mean that, although restricted to the development on only one school, the book gives deep insights into the development of secondary school mathematics. The book is divided in seven chapters, five of which present the essential material of the study. They are arranged in a mostly time-line fashion, but give many cross-references. In all of the text the author is fully aware and often references to general educational developments in Germany. The work of many teachers of mathematics is discussed, and many modern ideas such as the need of lifelong learning for teachers can be met. Different approaches to teaching mathematics and various mathematical curricula, from the initially not even permanently existing mathematics lessons, over the differentiation between reckoning and mathematics, to the modern inclusions of calculus and analytical geometry, are discussed and presented in their historical context and development. Many pictures and tables are given, such as examples of original student solutions, examples of problems given in class and final examinations and numbers of lesson hours per week complete the text, and make it an extremely interesting book for anybody interested in mathematics education and its history.
Reviewer: Franka Miriam Bruckler (Zagreb)
Classification: A30
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