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Identifying cognitive processes important to mathematics learning but often overlooked. (English)
Aust. Math. Teach. 67, No. 2, 22-26 (2011).
Summary: In August 2010, ACER held its annual conference in Melbourne. The theme of the 2010 conference‒"Teaching Mathematics? Make It Count"‒was chosen to highlight that mathematics education is an area of high priority in Australia. In the author’s own presentation to the conference, he outlined research into an area that he believes is very important to mathematics learning but often overlooked. He outlined a set of competencies that are fundamental to the development of "mathematical literacy," or a person’s ability to apply their mathematical knowledge to practical situations. The competencies are communication, mathematising, representation, reasoning and argument, devising strategies, and using symbolic, formal and technical language and operations. These competencies can be thought of as a set of individual characteristics or qualities possessed to a greater or lesser extent by each person. (Contains 2 tables.) (ERIC)
Classification: C30 D30
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