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What children taught us about rigor. (English)
Teach. Child. Math. 17, No. 5, 288-297 (2010).
Summary: Rigor is an important concept both in and out of school. To many teachers and teacher educators, rigor includes using national and state standards to inform curriculum; using best practices to guide instruction; testing and evaluating students to assess learning; and maintaining fidelity to academic disciplines. In this article, the authors explore the issue of rigor in two elementary school classrooms. Specifically, they share two demonstration lessons designed to integrate literature and mathematics with second graders and fourth graders. Beginning with some background, they describe each lesson, share debriefing sessions, and then discuss what the students taught them about rigor as a result of implementing these lessons. [A recording sheet accompanies the online version of this article at www.nctm.org/tcm.] (ERIC)
Classification: D32
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