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Collective dreaming: a school-university interface. (English)
N. Z. J. Math. 40, 15-31 (2010).
Summary: In 2008, the New Zealand Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications (NZIMA) funded a project to take a hard look at mathematics education in the four years from the last two years of secondary education to the first two years of undergraduate university education. The structure, pedagogy and content of mathematics in this period have been largely driven by tradition and particular interest groups. However, not only has mathematics changed, but also the student body has changed, the teaching and lecturing body has changed, the reasons people study the mathematical sciences have changed, and the mathematical preliminaries have changed. The prime aim of the project was to get mathematical science senior secondary teachers and undergraduate lecturers to talk to each other. Such communication has not happened before in New Zealand on a large scale, and the ongoing discourse is couched in terms of blame and complaint. We explain how the project overcame these obstacles, and describe the emerging vision.
Classification: D20 D30
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