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Deduction as a linguistic manipulation: A teaching experience in a primary school. (Deduzione come manipolazione linguistica: Un’esperienza in una scuola primaria.) (Italian. English summary)
Educ. Mat. (Cagliari) 31, No. 3, 5-22 (2010).
Summary: In this paper we describe an experiment in which we want to explore, at different levels of analysis, the relationship between language and developmental processes of logical tools through “linguistic-manipulative" activities in primary school classrooms. Social and cultural developmental psychology and mathematical logic act as framework for the research. The teaching experiment regards the assertive aspects of the language and it is based on the construction of “axiomatic systems" and “deductive chains". The children worked in cooperative groups and they were interviewed by means of successive interviews based on the explicitation interview method. By a qualitative analysis of the activities and of the interviews we find out some Main Topics and we can observe how the children processed the activities.
Classification: E32 E42 C52 C32
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