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Onsite peer tutoring in mathematics content courses for pre-service teachers. (English)
Issues Undergrad. Math. Prep. Sch. Teach., J. 2, Pedagogy, 8 p. (2011).
Summary: Pre-service elementary teachers often need help in mathematics courses. Tutoring is an effective practice (Boylan, 2002) and peer tutoring is one of the most successful forms of tutoring, due to the personal connections that are made (Tinto, 1993). A peer is defined as one at the same level, at the same institution, and having equal status (Falchikov, 2001). An onsite peer tutor is someone enrolled in the same course, with similar demographics, offering tutoring in the classroom before or after class. This research project created an onsite peer tutoring program for college students enrolled in three mathematics content courses designed specifically for future PK-8 teachers. The purpose of this research study was to measure the impact of the onsite tutoring program and explore reasons for non-attendance. (Contains 4 figures.) (ERIC)
Classification: B50
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