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Crafting by concepts. Fiber arts and mathematics. (English)
Wellesley, MA: A K Peters (ISBN 978-1-56881-435-3/hbk). xii, 248~p. (2011).
This is an amazingly entertaining collection of articles that relate crafters to mathematicians by expressing a variety of simple and not-so-simple mathematical ideas within certain craft media. There are nine chapters in the book, all having a similar structure. Each chapter starts with an Overview section presenting non-mathematicians’ views on the interplay between a mathematical idea or concept and its craft realization. This is followed by a Mathematics section where mathematical ideas are formally stated and clarified. A Teaching Ideas section reinforces mathematical concepts discussed in the Mathematics section by providing valuable suggestions for fiber-art classroom activities. Crafting sections collect projects specifically designed for each chapter to illustrate mathematical ideas. There are also two shorter Minis preceding Crafting section that summarize the theory behind a mathematically inspired project. This lovely collection is written by professional mathematicians who are at the same time passionate knitters. It contains materials that can be used by readers who love fiber art and have different mathematical background ranging from college mathematics majors to professional mathematicians. Since all projects have been tested by at least one non-mathematician, even readers with insufficient mathematical knowledge can complete crafting projects, whereas more mathematically oriented fiber art lovers can also explore and enjoy beautiful and elegant mathematical ideas behind the projects. The book is written in a transparent manner, is very generously illustrated and concludes with a useful fiber arts bibliography and a helpful concise index. One of its kind, this book will definitely win the hearts of crafters who love mathematics and fiber art enthusiasts with a lesser interest in the subject.
Reviewer: Svitlana P. Rogovchenko (Umeå)
Classification: A20 A80 M80 M90
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