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Exercises and solutions to: Mathematics for engineers. Vol. 1. (Aufgaben und Lösungen zu: Mathematik für Ingenieure. Vol. 1.) 4th extended ed. (German)
Weinheim: Wiley-VCH (ISBN 978-3-527-40987-7/pbk). 249~p. (2010).
Contemporary to the latest edition of the textbook “Mathematik für Ingenieure 1” [Zbl 1211.00007; ME 2011c.01017], designed primarily for engineering students, the authors also offer a revised and enlarged book of exercises including solutions related to the topics covered in their textbook: linear algebra, differential and integral calculus, analytic geometry, set theory, series and convergence of series as well as Fourier series, periodic functions and numerical quadrature. The first part of the book contains the exercises, the second one the solutions.
Reviewer: Herbert S. Buscher (Halle, Saale)
Classification: U45 M55 I15 H15 N15
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