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Solving mathematical problems with Maple. A short introduction. With CD-ROM. (Mathematische Probleme lösen mit Maple. Ein Kurzeinstieg. Mit CD-ROM.) 3rd revised ed. (German)
Berlin: Springer (ISBN 978-3-540-77720-5/pbk). xii, 169~p. (2008).
[For the edition (2006) see Zbl 1086.65001.] The book provides the reader an introduction to solving mathematical problems with MAPLE computer algebra system. No previous familiarity with MAPLE is required. The book is organized according to mathematical topics which cover a wide range of topics from the undergraduate mathematics courses such as calculus of one and several variables, linear algebra, differential equations, numerical methods. Each of the approx. 120 examples is presented in a unified style characterized by the following elements: statement of the problem, MAPLE solution, clarification of the meaning of the parameters of the MAPLE command, examples of program call, hints for other related commands. Almost all topics are covered on one page only. Each topic is typeset in a visually pleasant fashion using a tabular format for clarity. The CD-ROM provides not only all the examples of the book as MAPLE worksheets but also many additional topics. The author has set up a web-page where supporting data, such versions of the book software for various versions of MAPLE, are accessible. The present version of the book software is compatible with MAPLE 11 and is expected to run on all versions starting with version 6.
Reviewer: Matti Vuorinen (Turku)
Classification: U25 R25
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