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Origami inspirations. With contributions by Daniel Kwan, Carlos Cabrino, Tanya Vysochina and Aldo Marcel. (English)
Natick, MA: A K Peters (ISBN 978-1-56881-584-8/pbk). xii, 120~p. (2010).
The first thing to be clearly stated about this book is that it is not a book about mathematics (although it contains a few mathematical remarks). It is a book about origami. There exist several books about the interrelation between origami and mathematics. A very good one (if not the best that the reviewer knows) is [{\it T. Hull}, Project origami. Activities for exploring mathematics. Wellesley, MA: A K Peters. (2006; Zbl 1122.00010; ME 2011c.00895)]. Nevertheless, the book under review shows some beautiful mathematical objects. The constructions given (sometimes a bit difficult) can be the starting point of fruitful discussions in the classroom and it could be used as a tool to introduce concepts of the — sometimes neglected — 3-dimensional elementary geometry.
Reviewer: Antonio M. Oller (Zaragoza)
Classification: M80 U60
Keywords: origami; polyhedra
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