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Research, reflection, practice: A generation of progress ‒ Learning from NAEP. (English)
Teach. Child. Math. 15, No. 6, 363-369 (2009).
From the introduction: In contrast to assessments like the SAT, which are usually taken by college-bound students only, NAEP is given to a sampling of all students across the United States regardless of ability or aspiration. As such, it is the best available measure of mathematics achievement for the nation as a whole. With this fact in mind, we looked to NAEP data to determine how students\rq mathematics skills and their ability to solve various types of problems have changed over twenty-five years. Specifically, this article focuses on overall trends in NAEP results. More specifically, we focus on what the changes in performance on items released to the public suggest about increases or decreases in knowledge, particularly knowledge of basic skills, over time.
Classification: D60
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