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Methodological challenges for mathematics education research from a critical perspective. (English)
Valero, Paola et al., Researching the socio-political dimensions of mathematics education. Kluwer, Dordrecht (ISBN 1-4020-7906-0). 227-248 (2004).
Summary: The author explored the research question: What happens in a mathematics classroom when student teachers, who have been introduced to a social, cultural, political approach to a school mathematics curriculum that integrates a critical perspective, attempt to realise such an approach. In this chapter he focuses not on the findings of the study but rather on the methodological challenges that arose in conceptualising and undertaking the study. The second challenge, addressed in the rest of the chapter, is that of finding a research methodology and approach embedding research relationships and processes that itself preserves the main concerns of the theoretical landscape and practices of a mathematics education that integrates a critical perspective.
Classification: D30 B10 C60
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