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Mathematics learned by young children in an intervention based on learning trajectories: A large-scale cluster randomized trial. (English)
J. Res. Math. Educ. 42, No. 2, 127-166 (2011).
Summary: This study employed a cluster randomized trial design to evaluate the effectiveness of a research-based intervention for improving the mathematics education of very young children. This intervention includes the Building Blocks mathematics curriculum, which is structured in research-based learning trajectories, and congruous professional development emphasizing teaching for understanding via learning trajectories and technology. A total of 42 schools serving low-resource communities were randomly selected and randomly assigned to 3 treatment groups using a randomized block design involving 1,375 preschoolers in 106 classrooms. Teachers implemented the intervention with adequate fidelity. Pre- to posttest scores revealed that the children in the Building Blocks group learned more mathematics than the children in the control group (effect size, $g=0.72)$. Specific components of a measure of the quantity and quality of classroom mathematics environments and teaching partially mediated the treatment effect.
Classification: C71 C72
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