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Mathematics in vocational education: Revisiting a developmental research project, analysis of one development research project about the integration of mathematics in vocational subjects in upper secondary education in Sweden. (English)
Adults Learn. Math. 6, No. 1, 41-68 (2011).
Summary: In this article we describe and discuss the analyses of a developmental research project that took place in Sweden during 1998 to 2002. We carried out four different analyses in order to explore the learning outcomes from the project that could inform long term curriculum change and teacher collaboration in vocational education in Sweden. The analyses led to condensed descriptions of the project, including an exposition of its constraints and affordances as well as its developmental cycles. Also revealed was a comparison between the aims of the project and the actual outcomes. Based on the analyses and discussions, we suggest possible implications for practice and for future studies on vocational education.
Classification: B30 D37 C77
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