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Hungarian problem book IV. Based on the Kürschák competition 1947‒1963. Transl. and edited by Robert Barrington Leigh and Andy Liu. (English)
MAA Problem Books Series. Washington, DC: The Mathematical Association of America (ISBN 978-0-88385-831-8/pbk). xv, 115~p. (2011).
The problem of the Kürschák Mathematics Competition from 1947 until 1963 are creatively presented in the Hungarian problem book IV. Forty-eight problems are classified under Combinatorics, Graph Theories, Number Theory, Sums and Differences, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry and Solid Geometry, with emphasis to some specific subcategories. The solution of the problems are treated with both traditional and innovative ways, having an excellent learning results for the reader, which is completed by the most interesting chapter “Looking Back", providing fruitful discussions on the problems and the thoughts behind their solutions.
Reviewer: Panayiotis Vlamos (Athens)
Classification: U40
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