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Discovering mathematics. A problem-solving approach to mathematical analysis with Mathematica and Maple. (English)
London: Springer (ISBN 978-0-85729-054-0/pbk; 978-0-85729-064-9/ebook). vii, 247~p. (2011).
The book provides a constructive approach to mathematical discovery through innovative use of software technology of {\tt MATHEMATICA} and {\tt MAPLE}. The book has the following contents: Part I: Concepts; 1. Mappings, Composite and Inverse-Functions, 2. Infinite Sequences, 3. Periodicity. Part II: Tools; 4. Finite Sums, 5. Inequalities, 6. Collocation and Least Squares Methods. Part III: Applications; 7. Maximal and Minimal Values, 8. Arcs and Curves, 9. Center of Mass and Moments, 10. Miscellaneous. Part IV: Appendix; 11. Answers to Problems. The book is written for final year undergraduate and post-graduate students wishing to supplement a mathematics course or module in mathematical problem-solving and analysis.
Reviewer: Hans Benker (Merseburg)
Classification: I15 R25 U25
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