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Intentional integration of mathematics content instruction with constructivist pedagogy in elementary mathematics education. (English)
Sch. Sci. Math. 110, No. 7, 330-340 (2010).
Summary: The purpose of the research was to improve the effectiveness of instruction in constructivist pedagogy in a college elementary mathematics education course through intentional integration of instruction in mathematics content. Instructors of this course previously used examples involving mathematics content on an ad hoc basis in an attempt to illuminate desirable constructivist pedagogy but discovered that they were ineffective because students experienced difficulty with the mathematics content itself. An instrument was created to assess students’ mathematics content knowledge required to understand these examples. Based on the outcome of the assessment, intentional instruction of mathematics content using anchoring examples was integrated with pedagogical instruction. Results showed significant improvement in mathematics content knowledge and confidence in that knowledge with a better understanding of constructivist pedagogy. (Contains 2 tables snd 2 notes.) (ERIC)
Classification: B50 C70 C30
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