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Young children learn measurement and geometry. A learning-teaching trajectory with intermediate attainment targets for the lower grades in primary school. (English)
Freudenthal Institut, Utrecht University, Utrecht (ISBN 90-74684-25-4). 356 p. (2005).
Summary: This book provides a longitudinal view of children’s learning trajectory in the domain of measurement and geometry in the lower grades of primary school. The learning-teaching trajectory that is described in the book is meant as a framework for instructional decision making. The description offers a rationale for designing and choosing measurement and geometry activities and helps to understand how these activities are related to one another. As such, the trajectory may contribute to a coherent primary school program for measurement and geometry. In addition, the trajectory helps to identify and stimulate children’s measurement and geometric development. The intermediate attainment goals that are included in the learning-teaching trajectory serve as benchmarks for assessment. The many key activities from classroom practice that are described in the book and which are illustrated with video clips on the cd-rom that accompanies the book, make this trajectory description very useful for the improvement of mathematics classroom practice. The description may help teachers to enrich their use of textbooks and can give support to their professional development.
Classification: F72 G22 D42 C72
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