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Racetrack mapping: engaging students in mathematics and geography. (English)
Aust. Prim. Math. Classr. 12, No. 3, 4-7 (2007).
Summary: This paper reports on a classroom investigation of a sequence of cross-disciplinary mapping lessons undertaken by Grade Five students at Black Hill Primary, a Victorian State Primary School in Ballarat. While this activity was broadly framed around Mathematics, there were also important elements from Geography, (a new emphasis in the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS)), along with English and Technology that contributed to the experiences of students undertaking the tasks. In both the Geography and Mathematics domain of the VELS the ability of students to make their own maps, as well as interpret features, is identified within the standards for Level 4 as appropriate for students at this level of schooling. (Contains 5 figures.) (ERIC)
Classification: M13 M53
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