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Impact of preschool institutions in acquiring the notions of unions and relations in the subject of mathematics. (Vpliv predšolskih institucij na učenje pojmov množic in odnosov med elementi množic.) (Slovenian. English summary)
Mat. Šoli 16, No. 3-4, 31-43 (2010).
Summary: The article describes an investigation into the impact of preschool institutions on the preparation of preschool children for acquiring mathematical notions of unions and relations between elements of unions, as well as of existence and the nature of differences in knowledge between pupils of the aforementioned mathematical notions. Research was performed at the beginning and at the end of the school year among first-grade pupils from four primary schools in Prishtina. A part of the pupils had attended preschool institutions, while the other part received no institutional preschool education. The article describes the differences visible in the knowledge of pupils from both groups, deciding in favour of those that attended preschool institutions.
Classification: E61 E62 C41 C42 D61 D62 D21 D22
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