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Beliefs about mathematics and professional knowledge among pre-service mathematics teachers in the Chinese mainland and Taiwan. (English)
Furinghetti, Fulvia (ed.) et al., Proceedings of the conference MAVI-15 (MAthematical VIews): Ongoing research on mathematical beliefs, Genoa, Italy, September 8‒11, 2009. Genoa: University of Genoa, Department of Mathematics (ISBN 978-88-904930-0-3). 139-150 (2010).
Summary: Curriculum reforms in mathematics have been taking place in almost all parts of the world at the turn of the Millennium, which calls for a shift of teachers’ beliefs about mathematics and about mathematics teaching. This has initiated a lot of debate among regions like Taiwan and the Chinese mainland. It is interesting to investigate whether mathematics teachers in these regions are ready for the change. Around 200 pre-service mathematics teachers from Taiwan and three major cities in the Chinese mainland (Beijing, Changchun and Wuhan) were invited to participate in the study. Both their professional knowledge and their beliefs were investigated. The results and their implications to mathematics teaching are discussed in the paper.
Classification: C29 B53 D29
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