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Subjective theories: a conceptual and methodological specialization of belief systems. (English)
Furinghetti, Fulvia (ed.) et al., Proceedings of the conference MAVI-15 (MAthematical VIews): Ongoing research on mathematical beliefs, Genoa, Italy, September 8‒11, 2009. Genoa: University of Genoa, Department of Mathematics (ISBN 978-88-904930-0-3). 13-24 (2010).
Summary: This paper provides an introduction to the psychological research programme of subjective theories as a theoretical framework to specify the notion of a belief system in a specific manner, focussed on subjective meanings, logical dependencies, and rational acting on the grounds of beliefs. After an outline of the theoretical basis, the most important methodological aspects are discussed and presented to provide a contribution to empirical problems concerning the detection of belief systems and the instructional relevance of teachers’ beliefs in everyday lessons. Besides a short overview of existing findings, excerpts of current studies are presented to exemplify the methods and to sketch the potential of further investigations.
Classification: C20 D20
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