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Spanish mathematics at the begin of the XXI th century. (Matemática españ|ola en los albores del siglo XXI.) (Spanish)
Ed. Hergué, Huelva (ISBN 84-95319-10-9). 246 p. (2000).
This book deals with the characteristics features and study objects of several branches of mathematics. Its goal is to make these branches closer to all the mathematicians. Language used in the book is scientific, but easy to be understood by any mathematician. Apart from the above-mentioned features, all the chapters highlight the hot research issues in every field. The book begins with a chapter on Philosophy of Mathematics by Camino Canon (University of Comillas). The second chapter is devoted to Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, written by José Munoz Perez (University of Mlaga). Luis Rico (University of Granada) and Modesto Sierra (Universidad de Salamanca) write a chapter about Mathematics Education, and Jacinto Gonzalez Pachon and Isabel Rodríguez Galiano (Politechnical University of Madrid) write other chapter on Statistics and Operational Research. The seventh chapter is about Mathematical Logic and written by Alejandro Fernandez Margarit (University of Seville). Finally, the chapter, which deals with Applied Mathematics, has been written by Alberto Perez de Vargas (Complutense University of Madrid).
Classification: A15 A85 E25 E35 M15
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