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Don’t be afraid of math. University mathematics for beginners. (Keine Angst vor Mathe. Hochschulmathematik für Einsteiger.) 2nd revised and expanded ed. (German)
Wiesbaden: Teubner (ISBN 3-8351-0025-4/pbk). 258~p. (2006).
The book is written in German and gives an overview of high-school-level mathematical topics. The style is partly informal, and many examples from recreational mathematics and applications (economy, physics and other) are given. The topics covered include counting and calculation, equation solving, real functions of one variable and basic calculus, combinatorics and analytical geometry. Untypically for such overview books, a chapter on infinity is included. The formal definition-theorem-example style is avoided; instead, all definitions and rules are preceded by examples which enable students to try to formalize the concepts before reading the corresponding definition/rule. This is then followed with more examples of correct application of rules. All chapters end with questions and problems, the solutions are given at the end of the book.
Reviewer: Franka Miriam Bruckler (Zagreb)
Classification: U25
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