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Geometry \& decorative arts in children’s creativity. (English)
J. Geom. Graph. 14, No. 1, 93-103 (2010).
Summary: We present the main results of research where empirical data was obtained from the use of geometry and decorative arts with 72 children from the early grades of Primary School over the course of one year. This work is part of a research project that we are coordinating whose objectives are to know, understand and explain how a child in the early school years perceives its environment and explains it using concepts from geometry and decorative art. Children perceive their environment, compare it to what they already know and confer significance on the various scenarios that surround them. This creativity tends to diminish during the school years. With the intention of avoiding the loss of this seemingly innate talent, we initially developed our work with gradeschool children joining together geometry and decorative art, leading the children to learn ideas about geometry and isometry, sharpening both their perceptions and aesthetic sense, valuing art and nature and developing their creative talent.
Classification: M80 G90 C30 C40
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