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Euler’s theorem under the microscope. (English)
Math. Teach. (Derby) 2010, No. 218, 17-18 (2010).
"Proofs and refutations: the logic of mathematical discovery" by Imre Lakatos was published posthumously in 1976. This is a fascinating, if somewhat hard to access, book which calls into question many of the assumptions that people make about proof‒one may start reading with a clear sense of what mathematical proof is, but almost certainly will have had one’s mind changed by the end! The first part of the book is written out as the script of a play, the characters being the teacher and a series of pupils given the names of Greek letters. Extensive footnotes give considerable additional information as to where the arguments come from. In this article, the author outlines his tribute to Imre Lakatos. (ERIC)
Classification: E40
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