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Development of teaching in and from practice. (English)
Even, Ruhama (ed.) et al., The professional education and development of teachers of mathematics. The 15th ICMI Study. New York, NY: Springer (ISBN 978-0-387-09600-1/hbk; 978-0-387-09601-8/ebook). New ICMI Study Series 11, 149-166 (2009).
Summary: This chapter is principally concerned with the characteristics of the process of developing professional expertise in the teaching of mathematics in and from practice. The chapter comprises three sections, in which we discuss, respectively, $\bullet$ Section A: Recognized Factors in Teacher Development, $\bullet$ Section B: Recognized Benchmarks in Teacher Development, and $\bullet$ Section C: Recognized Issues in Teacher Development. In the discussion of “factors", we review the beliefs, experiences, and structures that have been identified as significant in studies and programs concerned with the development of mathematics teachers and teaching. This discussion frames the second section of the chapter, in which we delineate some of the markers or “benchmarks" of effective teaching practice, focusing in particular on how these have been used by researchers to study teacher development and effectiveness. Finally, in the “issues" section, we review some of the structures ‒ conceptual, institutional, cultural, and so on ‒ that enable and constrain research into and efforts to support teacher development.
Classification: B50 A60
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