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The encounter of non-indigenous teacher educator and indigenous teacher: the invisibility of the challenges. (English)
ZDM, Int. J. Math. Educ. 42, No. 3-4, 305-313 (2010).
Summary: This work can be understood as a set of ideas on the indigenous teacher education when the teacher educator is external to the indigenous culture and he/she assumes to take into account the culture that each one brings inside oneself. These ideas represent what we have learnt/perceived from our experience as indigenous teacher educator in terms of the perspectives we need to focus in this movement and the great number of challenges we become aware we have to face. This paper presents some perspectives, different points of view, conflicts and challenges of socio-anthropologic-political, psycho-epistemological, ethnic-linguistics orders as well as a critical evaluation on the indigenous teacher education and the education of the indigenous teacher as a student.
Classification: B50 C60 C50 C30 C20 A30
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