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Films: a communicating tool for mathematics. (English)
Hege, Hans-Christian (ed.) et al., Visualization and mathematics III. Outgrowth of the 3rd international workshop, Berlin, Germany, May 22‒25, 2002. Berlin: Springer (ISBN 3-540-01295-8/hbk). 393-405 (2003).
A delightful, very well readable review of ideas and activities that formed the basis for the beginning and the making of the project {\it Mathematics and Art}: for the exhibitions, books, congresses and film-series using diverse multimedia instruments from cinema to videos, from computer graphics to three-dimensional animation. Moreover the author talks about the very successful (especially within the general public) books (by Simon Singh, H. M. Enzensberger and A. Doxiades a.o.) , theater plays (like “Proof” winning a.o. the Pulitzer Prize for theater in 2001), and films (like “A Beautiful Mind” about the life of the mathematician and Nobel Prize winner for economics John Nash) since the Year of Mathematics in 2000. This short article is a must for all engaged in the popularization of mathematics and likewise very informative for non-mathematicians.
Reviewer: Olaf Ninnemann (Berlin)
Classification: A80 M80
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