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The contributions in analysis and the rigor in France in the second half of the nineteenth century, questions, selections, contexts. (Les traités d’analyze et la rigueur en France dans la deuxième moitié du XIXe siècle, des questions, des choix et des contextes.) (French)
Brizzi, Gian Paolo (ed.) et al., Dalla pecia all’e-book. Libri per l’Università: stampa, editoria, circolazione e lettura. Atti del convegno internazionale di studi. Bologna, Italy, 21-25 ottobre 2008. Bologna: Casa Editrice Clueb (ISBN 978-88-491-3252-6/pbk). Studi. Centro Interuniversitario per la Storia delle Università Italiane 11, 415-430 (2009).
This paper investigates various generational and conceptual aspects of the move towards rigor of French treatises on analysis between 1870 and 1914. It makes use of the work of Martin Zerner at \url{http://hal-unice.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-00347740/fr/} which takes the treatment of the principle of substitution of infinitesimals, first formulated by Duhamel in 1850, as a measure of this transformation. The editions of {\it C. Jordan } “Cours d’analyse de l’École polytechnique" (1882; JFM 15.0209.01) are traced as one example reflecting educational needs. J. Houel and G. Darboux are two further examples which add the subtle concept of uniform convergence to the story. The story is in part one of a radical shift of the center of influence to institutions of higher learning; a shift to research as a part of the pedagogical program.
Reviewer: Albert C. Lewis (Austin)
Classification: A30 I15
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