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Stochastic tools for calculating sums of certain numerical series. (English)
\V Cernák, Igor (ed.) et al., IMEM 2009. Proceedings of the international congress on interdisciplinary relationships in the theory and practice of informatics, management, economics and mathematics, Spišská Kapitula, Slovakia, September 9‒11, 2009. Ružomberok: Catholic University in Ružomberok, Faculty of Education (ISBN 978-80-8084-471-4/pbk). 595-604, electronic only (2009).
Summary: The mathematics analysis theorems let decide if a given numerical series is convergent but in general they don’t let appoint its sum. The work concern stochastic tools for calculating sums of certain series.
Reviewer: Martin Papčo (Ružomberok)
Classification: I30 K10
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