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Creative mathematics. A gateway to research. (English)
AIMS Library Series. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (ISBN 978-0-521-13059-2/pbk). x, 110~p. (2009).
From the Preface: This text is written to help readers experience the joy of creating their own mathematics. At its simplest level, the first half of the text can be read by students at school; the second half contains or at least suggests, material at graduate level and beyond. The aim is to provide guidance (rather than instructions) for readers who are expected to be actively involved in solving the wide variety of problems in the text. Part I consists of three essays: on solving problems, on writing mathematics, and on giving a presentation. Part II consists of the presentation of eleven problems from different parts of mathematics, e.g., geometry, combinatorics, probability, number theory, etc. Part III consists of solutions and generalizations. Part IV provides solutions for some of the generalizations and suggestions for further investigations.
Reviewer: Steven C. Althoen (Holly)
Classification: D50 D40
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