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Applying minimalist instruction for socio-constructivist technology-based environments in mathematics teaching and teacher education. (English)
Acta Didact. Univ. Comen., Math., No. 8, 51-68 (2008).
Summary: The article represents examples of empirical studies focusing on solving the conflict, which causes from the need to apply minimalist instruction in teaching praxis but on the other hand to plan learning environments based on an appropriate pedagogical framework using also versatile technical tools. These studies place emphasis on the eight-fold framework of activities that, in the history of human thought, have proven to be sources of new ideas for mathematics: ordering, finding, playing, construction, applying, calculating, evaluating and arguing. The studies were integrated in teacher education, discussing also features of group dynamics when a collaborative socio-constructivist approach was applied, stressing the impact of knowledge structure, pedagogical philosophy and support for reflective communication.
Classification: D20 D30 B50 C70
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