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Joined-up reflections: part 2. (English)
Math. Teach. Inc. Micromath 2008, No. 211, 40-43 (2008).
Summary: The author drew the 2008 Easter conference to a close. During the final address, the author chose to focus on the domain of perimeter and area both because it is a topic accessible to teachers of all ages and because learners display considerable confusion between them. The core difficulty seems to lie in the necessity to attend either to the perimeter of a region or to areas of component regions which make it up. It is common experience that many learners struggle to see how, for example, rectilinear regions can be broken up into rectangular parts, so as to calculate area, and it becomes even more difficult in three dimensions. The author therefore offered three types of task designed to promote work on the awarenesses which underpin perimeter and area. The principal invitation, while working on these tasks, is to try to catch movements of one’s attention, and what enables him/her to act (his/her awarenesses). [For Part 1, see EJ815118.] (ERIC) For part 1, see ME 2009b.00169.
Classification: D30 C70 D40
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