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Antisemitism during the republik of Weimar and the situtation of Jewish mathematicians: Theses and document to a not well investigated subject. (Antisemitismus in der Weimarer Republik und die Lage j├╝discher Mathematiker: Thesen und Dokumente zu einem wenig erforschten Thema.) (German)
Sudhoffs Arch. 92, No. 1, 18-34 (2008).
The author discusses (in German) various aspects of the professional and social situation of mathematicians of Jewish origin during the Republic of Weimar. Included are many excerpts from communications between famous and less famous Jewish mathematicians, through which the interested reader can learn about the attitudes of von Mises, F. Klein, Toeplitz, Landau, F. Bernstein, and others. The paper gives many interesting insights in the political and social situation of the time.
Reviewer: Franka Miriam Br├╝ckler (Zagreb)
Classification: A30
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