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The Williams review. (English)
Math. Teach. (Derby) 2009, No. 213, 18-19 (2009).
Summary: The publication in June of Sir Peter Williams’ review of mathematics teaching in early years’ settings and primary schools came at a time when the thoughts of many teachers were turning towards a well-earned summer break. However, the report has attracted much attention and promises a fundamental shake-up of attitudes and approaches to the teaching of this subject. While the government response to the prospect of training thousands of "maths specialists" for the nation’s schools remains to be seen, there is plenty of food for thought in the run up to the report’s official implementation in 2009. The Williams’ review reinvigorates the case for collaborative working and group settings. The author reflects on a few broad issues and key points raised in the review. The author begins by outlining the characteristics of "discussion-based mathematics". The approach the author has used, both in schools and at the University of Derby, is to shift the focus from teacher-led talk, and closed or individual activities, towards productive peer discussion and collaboration on rich mathematical problems. (ERIC)
Classification: D32
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