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“Pretty Lights" and Maths! Increasing student engagement and enhancing learning through the use of electronic voting systems. (English)
Comput. Educ. (Exeter) 53, No. 1, 189-199 (2009).
Summary: University classes in Mathematics are traditionally perceived to be uninspiring and devoid of active student-lecturer communication. Large undergraduate classes further compound the difficulty of engaging students and enabling viable student-lecturer feedback. At the Mathematics Education Centre, Loughborough University, some staff members have been using electronic voting systems (EVS) to enliven the classroom and enable large numbers of students to respond to questions in real time during class. In this paper, we present an evaluation case study, based on student perceptions, of the impact of EVS use on student learning and engagement. The results show that majority of students are hugely positive about the usefulness and overall advantageousness of EVS use in classes. Results also show that EVS use does increase the likelihood of students participating and engaging in class, as even students who do not view EVS as being particularly useful stated that they are more likely to participate in classes where EVS are used than otherwise. However, there seems to be no correlation between EVS use and improvement (or otherwise) in student grades.
Classification: C75 D45
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