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E-learning in teaching logic, sets, and binary relations. (E-learning vo vyučovaní predmetu logika, množiny, relácie.) (Slovak. English summary)
Gunčaga, Jan (ed.), Matematika v škole dnes a zajtra. Ružomberok: Pedagogical Faculty of the Catholic University (ISBN 978-80-8084-262-8/DVD; 978-80-8084-263-5). 5 p., electronic only (2008).
Summary: Modern information and communication technologies influence mathematics teaching more and more. They help teachers to efficiently fulfill teaching aims, especially in distance learning. The paper deals with using professional elearning courses in teaching of logic, sets and relations at the faculty of education, Trnava University. The authors especially focus on the course $Sets$, which was designed in recent months.
Reviewer: Zdenko Takáč (Ružomberok)
Classification: R25 E65 U55 D45
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