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Mathematics teacher development with ICT: towards an international GeoGebra institute. (English)
K├╝chenmann, D. (ed.), Proceedings of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics. Vol. 27 (3). Contributions of the day conference, Northhampton, UK, 17 November 2007. London: BSRLM. 49-54 (2007).
Summary: Research indicates that despite the numerous benefits of using ICT in mathematics education, the process of embedding ICT in classrooms is a slow and complex process. Most teachers need more than just being provided with technology if the benefits of ICT are to be substantially realised. GeoGebra is free open-source dynamic software for mathematics teaching and learning that offers geometry and algebra features in a fully connected software environment. In this paper, we outline the emergence of the GeoGebra software as well as ideas and plans for establishing an International GeoGebra Institute to provide training and support for teachers and to coordinate research in relation to GeoGebra.
Classification: R20 U50 B50
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