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Undergraduate student difficulties with independent and mutually exclusive events concepts. (English)
Mont. Math. Enthus. 6, No. 1-2, 47-56 (2009).
Summary: The concepts of disjunctive events and independent events are didactical ideas that are used widely in the classroom. Previous observations of attitudes in assessments given to students at university level who attended the introductory statistics course helped to detect the confusion between disjunctive and independent events, and indicate the spontaneous ideas that students tend to elaborate about both concepts in different situations in which these appear. However the didactical relation between these ideas and their formal definitions is not known in detail. In this work, we analyze students’ misconceptions, their persistence, and the process by which the student confronts his misconceptions by applying theoretical concepts. The aim is to improve the teaching of these topics.
Classification: K55 D75
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