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Assessing multiple abstract algebra assessments. (English)
Investig. Math. Learn. 1, No. 3, 1-26 (2009).
Summary: In this qualitative study, we initiate a discussion as to why instructors should implement numerous assessments into their mathematics courses. We describe the purpose and structure of formative and summative assessments implemented in an undergraduate two-semester sequence of abstract algebra. The evaluations included homework, exams, projects, oral assessments, worksheets, and presentations. We discuss students\rq reactions to these assessments and summarize how the students believed the assessments contributed to their learning. We describe students\rq perceptions of how the assessments measured their abstract algebra knowledge and helped them learn the material in an interactive environment. Through the students\rq voices, we illustrate how the assessments promoted interaction among the students and modeled potential alternative assessments for preservice teachers.
Classification: D65 D45 C25 B55
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