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Project organised science studies at university level: Exemplarity and interdisciplinarity. (English)
ZDM, Int. J. Math. Educ. 41, No. 1-2, 183-198 (2009).
Summary: The 2-year introductory study programme in the natural sciences (Nat-Bas) at Roskilde University is an example of a project organised, participant directed, problem oriented, and interdisciplinary science study programme. The paper gives an account of the organisational framework around the project work, and discusses in particular, the thematic organisation of project work, the notion of exemplarity, the problem orientation, the interdisciplinary nature of the problems, the assessment of the project work, and the students’ individual learning. Based on descriptions and analyses of six selected project reports from the Nat-Bas in 2005-2007, we illustrate the multiple perspectives of science and mathematics and the learning potentials found in the project work. The paper is concluded with a general discussion of the quality of the project work and its educational function in the Nat-Bas programme.
Classification: D45 D35 M65 A45 M75 E25
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