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On similarities and differences of axiom and hypothesis. (Chinese. English summary)
J. Liaoning Norm. Univ., Nat. Sci. 30, No. 4, 410-413 (2007).
Summary: By taking the examples of the historical classical case, this paper elaborates the similarities and differences in the definition and application of the axiom and hypothesis. In particular, it points out that although they are both the rationale of the development of the science and play a fundamental role in the founding of the theory of different disciplines, the two have the essential difference in their foundation of the establishment of the proposition, their content, their object and their ways of development in early days. It causes the manifestation of the particularity which distinguishes the sciences and education of mathematics from other sciences, as well as it is the reason that the axiom symbols the tendency of mathematical sciences.
Classification: A30 E40 E20
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