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Towards an authentic teaching of mathematics: Hans-Georg Steiner’s contribution to the reform of mathematics teaching. (English)
ZDM, Int. J. Math. Educ. 39, No. 1-2, 39-50 (2007).
Summary: Hans-Georg Steiner was the “motor of the reform” of mathematics education in Germany. His main concern was to promote authentic teaching. His suggestions for teaching mathematical structures stimulated the process of reform, but were criticised as well. Two controversies are studied in this paper. The controversy with Detlef Laugwitz in 1965 was about the dichotomy “axiomatics vs. constructiveness”. Another controversy with Alexander Wittenberg in 1964 was about the problem of “elementary”. The following considerations can show the need for fundamental didactical analyses in mathematics education, as they were initiated by Hans-Georg Steiner.
Classification: D30 A30
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