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Communications: Does class size reduction necessarily lead to improvement in student achievement? (English)
Learn. Math. 29, No. 1, 26-27 (2009).
From the introduction: Efforts to improve student achievement in mathematics have led to the contention that the quality of classroom instruction matters. Class size reduction, as an apparent and quick improvement in condition for classroom instruction, is often taken as a policy option that bears much promise for improving student achievement. Yet, positive effects of class size reduction on student achievement improvement are supported by some studies but not by others. In fact, large size class does not necessarily mean low achievement as it commonly exists in high-achieving education systems (particularly in mathematics) in East Asia, such as China and Japan. What class size reduction can achieve in Western contexts thus calls for a better understanding of possible changes in classroom instruction. We briefly review relevant studies on the effect of class size reduction on student achievement and classroom instruction, East Asian teachers\rq practices in classroom management, and provide suggestions for future educational research and practice.
Classification: B10 D40 C70
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